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MŪSŲ REKVIZITAI: Visagino šeimos ir vaiko gerovės centras Įstaigos kodas 190230824 Statybininkų g. 7, LT-31137, Visaginas A. s. LT747300010002620634 AB bankas „Swedbank“ Kodas 73000 Tel./faks. (8 386)75280, (8 386) 72133


 The Centre includes two departments:
1. Orphange – a full time orphanage for eligible children who have lost their parents or guardians. Established to provide good, safe living conditions where the children can grow and develop to later integrate seamlessly into society.

 2. Social support for children with disabilities – a day care centre where children with disabilities can be educated and enjoy many types of physical activities, specifically tailored to their disability.

The Head of the Centre is Natalija Levickaja (Director)