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 „Renovation of Visaginas Children Support Centre and personnel working with children training”

The Norwegian Financial Mechanism Project „Renovation of Visaginas Children Support Centre and personnel working with children training” was beginning on August 2008. The end of planned the Project – June 2009.
The sum of the Project – 632 911 €. 21% of the price of Project is financed by the Municipality of Visaginas.

Project manager – Leta Kalinauskaitė.
Project financier – Lucija Bilkšto.
Person, responsible for project technical supervision (project supervisor) - Liudmila Leopa.

Preparing this project was risen the point:

To readjust the current SES center „Spring of Hope“ infrastructure and to make trainings for personnel to improve the offered services by center to target groups.
Settle purpose will be archived, if are completed following tasks:
1. To make Visaginas Children Support Centre building reconstruction, ensuring the required working conditions.
2. Arrange and equip Visaginas Children Support Centre premises to its qualitative performance.
3. To get modern equipment for Visaginas Children Support Centre successful work.
4. To provide new theoretical and practical knowledge, qualification raise to personnel of Visaginas Children Support Centre, in order to offer more qualitative social services to target groups.

The works and services list, which should by done during reconstruction of Visaginas Children Support Center.
Carried out: designing plan; constructional works; heating system repair; plumbing repair; pool equipment replacement; ventilation system repair; works on electricity; repair and substitution of children playing-fields, school-yards, summerhouses.
Purchase: furniture, computers, toys.